Want to learn Hebrew? Say hello to Hasafah. We are a group of Hebrew teachers, film makers and programmers striving to create a fresh and dynamic Hebrew learning experience. We want to teach Hebrew like it is taught in Israeli Ulpans, working from the prespective of a native speaker, and not from the perspective of the English language. But we need your help. Whether you want to learn Hebrew or you just want to help make this project possible scroll down to see how you can get involved!

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A note from the founder and creator of Hasafah

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My desire to learn Hebrew is two-fold. Firstly, as a written language I feel I can get to know my God so much better with the ability to read the Bible in the language it was originally written, and as I study more I get a better appreciation for the Bible as I can understand so much more than I could when I was limited to English. And also as a spoken language it is so elegant and beautiful to listen to, and, especially for me, to speak. If someone who doesn't know Hebrew was to hear you say that they probably wouldn't understand, and neither did I till I could speak it.

I remember when I was studying Hebrew at Ulpan (Hebrew school) a few years ago we would have Hebrew-only nights once a week. And on your first Hebrew-only night when you didn't know much Hebrew you just spent most of your time listening to more advanced Hebrew speakers or the teachers. About the only Hebrew I spoke on that first night was the phrase, "ech om'reem?" ("how do you say?") followed by an English word. But by the fourth or fifth week when you knew enough Hebrew to have basic everyday conversations in Hebrew it was captivating. I remember one particular evening after I had left after the nights main events and was just talking with some friends. No one wanted to stop speaking in Hebrew. It was like we had discovered a timeless hidden treasure.

With all that said, we need your help. If you would like to donate to this project then scroll down to see how you can do that. When you donate we will grant you free access to the site when it is finished relative to how much you donate, exclusive email updates, plus many other perks! Also, we would love it if you let your friends and relatives know about us. Below are a few links to where you can find us on social media. If you click here you will findmore detailed information about us and some resources that you can use to help spread the word. Great particularly if you have a ministry or organization and would like to share us with your followers. Also, if you would like to stay up to date with what we are doing then subscribe to our email list just below. Lastly, if you have any questions or would just like to send me a note then feel free to email me at: jv@hasafah.com

Joseph VanTine
Founder and creator of Hasafah Online Learning

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Fast Track

Do you already know some Hebrew? Don't worry about having to sit through videos, re-learning stuff you already know. Just take the prerequisites test before each lesson you want to complete, check you know everything you need to for that lesson, and start learning new things straight away!

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learn at your own speed

Learn at your own speed

What if you subscribe and then need a break? Pausing your subscription allows you to come back when you're ready without loosing your progress. Or if you generally only have a short amount of time here and there, then choose our limited subscription which enables you to access a restricted amount of lessons per week at only a fraction of the cost.

Rising Star

Gamification allows you to see your progress in real time by rewarding you every step of the way. Earn points by completing lessons, playing games and participating in the forum. The more reputation you earn the more privileges you have. Leader boards allow you to track your progress against other students.

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Meet the Team

  • Joseph W

    Joseph W - Hebrew Teacher

  • Naomi F

    Naomi F - Hebrew Teacher

  • Corsara V

    Corsara V - International Liaison/Lesson Assistant

  • Stephen L

    Stephen L - Film Maker

  • Luke T

    Luke T - Film Maker

  • Joseph V

    Joseph V - Programmer/Founder

  • Nick P

    Nick P - Programmer


Why choose Hasafah over other Hebrew websites?

It may seem this is a crowded market without need for more equivalents. However, we feel that there is a huge gap in the Hebrew language learning sphere for a resource that can be stand-alone and will not need supplementing with additional tutoring etc. We are planning to create a course that will provide:

Many of the courses that we have tested and experienced lack in one or more of these areas. As we build the Hasafah curriculum we will be striving to deliver where other courses have fallen short.

Who am I donating to exactly?

You are donating to Hasafah Online Learning, Ltd. created and founded by Joseph VanTine who came up with the idea in January of this year (2016). Along with his sister, Corsara, he developed the idea until the concept was at a place where they were ready to gather support. The project immediately attracted the interest of curriculum designers, film makers and programmers most of whom Joseph had met while at Ulpan (Hebrew school) or in Israel.

What will happen to my donation if this project never happens?

We firmly believe that this project will happen, but if something should happen that prevents us from completing it we will try our absolute best to return your money. But by the time you are reading this, the project will have already started and that means it will have already started accruing costs. In the event that your money is un-returnable we will let you know how it was spent. But then again we are only saying all this because we have to, not because we are worried that this project will fall through.

When will I get my Hasafah shirt?

If you donated and the giving level you chose had the Hasafah t-shirt perk we will be sending out the shirts at least two weeks before we launch the site. We will contact you for your preferred size(s) and colors. You will also be able to purchase the shirts then as well. We hope to have them out sooner, but that is the very latest. So don't worry, you will be able to wear your shirt on your first day on learning with Hasafah!



What if I want to donate a different amount than the current giving levels?

If you want multiple of certain perks you can purchase multiple of any giving level by changing the quantity in the quantity box. Or if you want to give in between a predefined giving level you can purchase multiple of a smaller giving level. Or optionally if you would like to donate a custom amount or are interested in investment opportunities then please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@hasafah.com

What if I want to donate with a different currency?

If you would like to donate with a different currency, don't worry, Paypal will automatically convert it for you. If you would like to donate via a different method then please contact us.

Does Hasafah have a religious agenda?

We feel it is important to remain religiously neutral and to not have a overtly religious agenda. The only agenda we have is to share our love for the Hebrew language. As a team we all have varying religious beliefs, but our common goal is to provide a solid resource that any individual from any religious background can use and feel comfortable with.

Resources to Download

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